Tuesdays With Torah

Same day: Tuesday

Same time: Noon – 1:00 PM

Same place: Wise Center

Same topic: Torah!

Take a middle-of-the-day break to feed your mind. Fascinating content led by our expert rabbis and rabbinic interns will give you a deeper understanding of the Torah and its meaning in our lives.

All classes are a combined in-person and Zoom format. Please register and feel free to attend via Zoom or in-person.

Please register for all classes using the red registration buttons. We will send you additional information 24 hours before the program.

Questions? Contact Malia Schaefer at 513.793.2559 or mschaefer@wisetemple.org

Class Descriptions:

Israeli Music of the 80s through today, with Yarden Neeman May 24, 31 Cincinnati’s newest Shaliach, or Israeli Emissary, will teach this two session course on the music of Israel produced in the timeframe of the 80s and today. Looking at the songs that represent these two different eras, this class will identify and analyze the themes that emerge. For example, what were/are the characteristics of Israel at the time? All songs will be presented in English. No musical education required!

Summer Edition

Confronting Toxic Polarization with Rabbi Thomashow June 14, 21, 28 Kick-off our Summer Etz Chayim (Adult Education) Program with this timely and significant curriculum provided by The One America Movement, facilitated by Rabbi Thomashow. The One America Movement is a national not for profit organization that confronts toxic polarization in our society. They equip faith communities to confront division. What makes this course unique is the Jewish lens through which we will enter this conversation. If you cannot attend in person, please note that there is always a virtual option for our adult learning courses.
Counting Our Blessings:  A Jewish Model for the Practice of Gratitude with Rabbi Kamrass July 12, The ancient rabbis not only created the formulaic catalog of blessings we recite, but also suggested how to utilize them to cultivate a practice of gratitude in our daily life.   They suggested the recitation of 100 blessings a day!   In this session, we will explore the development of blessings through the ages, how to personally utilize traditional blessing and what they teach us, and how to create new blessing as a technique for enhanced gratitude and spiritual living each day
Abraham Joshua Heschel: A Modern Prophet with Rabbi Goodman July 19, 26,  Abraham Joshua Heschel, one of the most important thinkers and activists of the twentieth century, is still so resonant – even 50 years after his death. What is it about his life and writings that we find so encapsulating? What is the connection between Heschel’s “spiritual activism” and his reliance on classical Jewish sources? Join this two-part learning opportunity to learn about Heschel’s impact on each of us.
A Taste of Kabbalah with Rabbi Thomashow August 2, 9, This two-part series is designed to establish a vocabulary and a foundation for understanding Jewish mysticism. Who is credited with founding the Kabbalistic movement within Judaism? Who are the major Kabbalistic thinkers? What are the definitive Kabbalistic books?  If you have always wanted to dip your toe into this spiritual/mystical element of Jewish tradition, this limited series is a wonderful starting point.
The Points of History that Have Shaped Us (Part II) with Rabbi Kamrass August 16, 23, 30 We Jews made time a sacred endeavor.  It is one of the reasons that all our holidays teach us to remember, and that we hold history be so important.   Join us as we continue to probe well known and lesser-known events in Jewish history that continue to imprint own souls, our values and our worldview.    We will explore those moments that shape us, as well look at the years and events that changed the course of Jewish life, focusing on the last 2000 years (Post Biblical period).   Each of us will then shape our own top ten list!