Tuesdays With Torah


  • Tuesdays, 12 noon – 1:00 pm
  • Wise Center & Zoom
  • Topic: TORAH!

Take a middle-of-the-day break to feed your mind. Fascinating content led by our expert rabbis, rabbinic interns, talented staff, and guest speakers will give you a deeper understanding of the Torah and its meaning in our lives. All classes are offered in person and via Zoom. Please register and feel free to attend in person or virtually using the red registration buttons. We will send you additional information 24 hours before each program.

All classes are a combined in-person and Zoom format. Please register and feel free to attend via Zoom or in-person.

Please register for all classes using the red registration buttons. We will send you additional information 24 hours before the program.

Questions? Contact Celeste Lawler at 513.793.2997 or clawler@wisetemple.org

2024 Spring/Summer Schedule

Lost Artifacts: Beyond Indiana Jones

Aaron Torop, Rabbinic Fellow

May 7

Items from the ancient Temple in Jerusalem, such as the Ark of the Covenant and the Menorah, continue to animate Jewish thought long after their disappearance. Together we will explore what may (or may not) have happened to these items and discuss the symbolic significance of objects even after we no longer have them. Learn about Aaron’s favorite Jewish conspiracy theory and stories we tell ourselves about our past. 

The Spotify Playlist of Israeli Politics & History

Matt Check, Director of Lifelong Learning

May 14, 21, 28

Israel has an amazing and unique musical tradition for its short 75 years of existence. Dive into some classics of the Israeli songbook in which the themes of the country’s history, politics and culture are expressed in fascinating ways that are particularly Israeli and Jewish.

Crossing the Sea in Solidarity: Women of the Exodus Story

Courtney Anthony, Director of Education

June 18, 25

Women from a variety of backgrounds play pivotal roles in the story of the Exodus. Their courage, strength, and support of the community move the story forward and even make room for miracles to happen. Together, we will explore the roles of key female figures in the Exodus story, including the midwives, Shifra and Puah; Pharaoh’s daughter; Miriam; and Tzipporah.

Understanding the Complexity of Israel Today

Rabbi Lewis Kamrass, Senior Rabbi

July 2, 9

Join Rabbi Kamrass in this two-session series as we follow the steps that led to the complexity of the Israeli-Palestinian claims today, including: how did we get here, what is the modern history and the ancient claims, what about refugees and displaced populations? We will unpack all the layers to make a modern “mess” more easily understood as you hear the news and the “fake news” that permeate the news and social media today.

The Early Music of Arik Einstein (The Israeli Frank Sinatra)

Matt Check, Director of Lifelong Learning

July 16, 23

Join us for a listening session of some of the early recordings of Arik Einstein (the Israeli Frank Sinatra). In the late 1960s he released an album titled, “Good Old Eretz Israel.” This classic of the Israeli songbook put melodies to the words of iconic Israeli poet Natan Alterman. We will listen to the songs, unpack the lyrics and gaze into the milieu and zeitgeist of Israel in its early years as a culture.

Let’s Begin

Rabbi Neil P.G. Hirsch, Senior Rabbi Successor

July 30, August 6

“In the beginning,” reads the opening words of Genesis. “Let’s start at the very beginning / A very good place to start,” sings Maria to the Von Trapp children. While Jewish tradition teaches that there is no true beginning or end in Torah study, we have to choose a place to start. So, let’s begin to learn with Rabbi Hirsch. During this Tuesdays with Torah, Rabbi Hirsch will explore beginnings in the Jewish tradition. How do various Jewish books begin, and what does that tell us about how we understand engaging with our tradition? In this two-week series, we’ll explore what a strong start looks like, studying the beginnings of various biblical, talmudic, and medieval writings. This is a perfect chance to introduce yourself to Rabbi Hirsch, and he to you.

Voices of Jewish Wisdom: Exploring Spirituality, Ethics, and Social Justice through the Teachings of Renowned Jewish Philosophers

Jamie Starr, Rabbinic Fellow

August 13, 20

Who or what is God? What is the purpose of prayer? What does it mean to live an ethical Jewish life? Join us as we wrestle with some of the biggest philosophical and theological questions Judaism has to offer. We will read excerpts from modern and contemporary Jewish thinkers like Martin Buber, Abraham Joshua Heschel, and Judith Plaskow as we explore and discuss how their ideas might be relevant to our lives and Jewish practice today.

Abraham Lincoln: Has There Already Been a Jewish President?

Rabbi Zachary Goodman, Associate Rabbi

August 27, September 10

This two-part class explores the unique dynamics between Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, and the American Jewish community during a pivotal era in American history. Uncover the lesser-known aspects of Abraham Lincoln’s presidency and his profound impact on the American Jewish community during the Civil War. Through engaging discussions and source documents, we’ll explore the lasting impact of Lincoln’s presidency on the Jewish-American experience and how it continues to shape our understanding of religious freedom and diversity in the United States.