Tuesdays With Torah

Same day: Tuesday

Same time: Noon – 1:00 PM

Same place: Wise Center

Same topic: Torah!

Take a middle-of-the-day break to feed your mind. Fascinating content led by our expert rabbis and rabbinic interns will give you a deeper understanding of the Torah and its meaning in our lives.

All classes are a combined in-person and Zoom format. Please register and fell free to attend via Zoom or in-person.

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Class Descriptions:

Nov 9, 16, 23, 30 The points in history that have shaped us, with Rabbi Kamrass We Jews made time a sacred endeavor.  It is one of the reasons that all of our holidays teach us to remember, and that we hold history to be so important.  Join Rabbi Lewis Kamrass as he explores a view of many Jewish thinkers as to which years and events in the 4,000 year story of Judaism altered the course of Jewish history.  What were the big events whose imprint in time is still felt in our values, our worldview and our souls?    This course will be a look at those moments that shaped us, as we look at the years and the events that changed the course of Jewish life.   Can we choose the top ten list?   Rabbi Kamrass will share his, and by the conclusion of our four sessions, perhaps you’ll have your own top ten list!
Dec 7, 14, Jan 4, 11 Fertility and Infertility in the Jewish Context, with Rabbi Thomashow The first commandment of our Torah is “to be fruitful and multiply.” This commandment challenged our biblical forebearers, our medieval ancestors, and now those of us in the modern world. This two part and four week series will examine the incidences of infertility, the attitudes toward fertility, and the ways in which we as Jews can become more sensitive to our neighbors, family members, and our texts as it relates to reproduction and its complexity.
Jan 18, 25, Feb 1 Soviet Jewry: The Third Speed Bump of Twentieth Century Judaism, with Jonathan Falco For global Jewry, the 20th century was far from quiet. The Holocaust in Europe and the founding of the modern state of Israel largely overshadow other major developments when casually recalling this era in Jewish history. Meanwhile, history found a way of repeating itself behind the Iron Curtain with the propagation of antisemitic tropes and conspiracy theories by the communist government. The response by the American Jewish community was an overwhelming mobilization of grassroots efforts to aid and assist Jews living under Soviet oppression. Join us in uncovering this oft-untold saga of Jewish solidarity and triumph in the face of persecution.
Feb 8, 15, 22 Shylock through the Ages, with Courtney Anthony Sometime during the late 1590s, one of the most famous creations in Western drama made his debut. The character of Shylock the Jew appears in just five scenes of William Shakespeare’s comedy The Merchant of Venice, yet he not only dominates the play but transcends it. The figure of Shylock has taken on a life of his own in the public imagination, reappearing again and again in literature, drama, and art throughout the centuries, by turns the subject of enmity and empathy. Shakespeare scholar John Gross writes, “As a stereotype, he has undergone countless mutations, and for nearly two hundred years there have been claims that he is much more than a stereotype, that he is meant to engage our sympathies in ways that would have once seemed inconceivable.” Together, we will explore this enduring character and decide for ourselves what we think of his legacy. (Note: You will be able to enjoy this class whether or not you have read The Merchant of Venice)
Mar 1, 8, 15, 22 Nurturing the Spiritual Side in Judaism and in Ourselves, with Rabbi Danziger What is the role of spirituality in Judaism, over time and today?  How might cultivating our own spirituality deepen our experience as Jews and as human beings?  Study with the thinkers and philosophers of the ages, and with the practitioners of our own day to understand the role of – and make the room for – a well-nourished spirit.
Mar 29, Apr 5, 12 Yom HaShoah through Rituals, with Rabbi Thomashow It may or may not come as a surprise that Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, has cumulated multiple Hagaddahs, prayer services, and rituals over the seven decades since its inception. This course will examine the myriad of these rituals and materials in order to ascertain the higher meaning and purpose of our remembrance of this devastating tragedy to our people and humanity.
Apr 19, 26 Sing a Song of Social Significance, with Rabbi Ken Kanter Learn about the social justice values of Reform Judaism as found in the great songs of Jewish songwriters on Broadway.
May 3, 10 Israeli Music if the 80s through today, with Yarden Neeman Cincinnati’s newest Shaliach, or Israeli Emissary, will teach this two session course on the music of Israel produced in the timeframe of the 80s and today. Looking at the songs that represent these two different eras, this class will identify and analyze the themes that emerge. For example, what were/are the characteristics of Israel at the time? All songs will be presented in English. No musical education required!
May 17, 24, 31 Great Moments of Character, with Rabbi Kamrass Our Scriptures are not only a narrative of stories and laws.   Imbedded in the events are Great Moments of Character.   Our Biblical figures and the narrative of their personal journey of growth offer glimpses into what made them admirable characters and what their enduring legacy is for our own reflection and our character growth.    Join Rabbi Kamrass as together we explore great biblical moments of character development, and the values that they provide to us in our own lives.