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From hundreds of miles away, experience great thinkers and ideas up close and personal. 

How many times has your interest been piqued by a speaker or topic on Judaism, only for you to learn that the lecture was happening in New York, L.A. or even Israel?

Wise Learning brings conversations with the world’s most renowned Jewish thinkers directly to you via video conferencing.

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2023 Schedule

Mishkan HaSeder: a new Haggadah from our Movement with Rabbi Hara Person and Poet Jessica Greenbaum 01/15/2023 Combining age-old texts, fresh insights, inspiring poetry, new translations, and breathtaking art, Mishkan HaSeder sets a new standard in Passover Haggadot. Using the beloved format of Mishkan T’filah and Mishkan HaNefesh, this Haggadah offers beautiful new translations by Rabbis Janet and Sheldon Marder in conversation with an extraordinary collection of poetry from a diverse array of poets. Our guests, the co-editors, will speak of their process, share the highlights of the Haggadah, and give a primer for those who might wish to lead from it this year
Isaac Mayer Wise, Cincinnati, and a Vision for American Israel with Dr. Karla Goldman 02/12/2023 With a lifetime contract already in his pocket, Isaac Mayer Wise arrived in Cincinnati, in April
1854, pronouncing the city a promising home for his own “bold plans” and “grand schemes.”
Wise looked to Cincinnati Jews to support his project of building national institutions that would
model the possibilities of American Jewish life. Together, they would define an American identity
that would not conflict with their religious identity. Their Americanness would fit seamlessly
with their Jewishness. They would open a new experience in Jewish history, through which, as
Wise put it, they “were no longer strangers; they are perfectly at home in this blessed country.”
Dr. Goldman’s talk will explore the impact of Wise’s vision on Cincinnati Jews, the city of
Cincinnati, and American Judaism.
The History of Bat Mitzvah with Rabbi Carole Balin 03/12/2023 Do you know that bat mitzvah turned 100 this year? Have you heard that the first bat mitzvah at Wise Temple was in 1955? Join Rabbi Carole B. Balin, PhD, as she takes us on a historical journey showing how girls at the awkward age of 12 and 13 started a gender revolution in Jewish life. Bring your scrapbooks and memories as we fill in the narrative with your own stories.