Family Engagement

Relationships. Memories. Traditions.

A Jewish community for school aged kids and their families

Tikkun Olam Boxes

Throughout the month of December, Tikkun Olam Box are available for pickup at Wise Center filled with contents to help you “repair the world” over the winter break. Register to reserve your box, and then stop by the temple office anytime during business hours in December to pick it up.

Grade-Level Challah Chain

As the weather grows colder, and family programming moves online, classmates can join “together” in this fun and delicious way. Registration will add your name and address onto a grade-level directory that your classmates will receive. Once the challah chain begins, the first family on the list will prepare (make or buy) a challah and deliver it to the next family on the list on Shabbat. This will continue each week, until the chain is complete.

Registration required to participate (see below) and don’t break the chain!

The families you meet at Wise Temple…

will be a part of your Jewish life for years to come. You’ll share many milestones together, from the excitement of the early years in religious school to B’nai Mitzvah and Confirmation celebrations. It’s never too early to build relationships with these families with whom you will share so much.

What our families say about engagement at Wise Temple:

  • We feel part of a community that we can call our own.
  • We connect with other parents who share our values.
  • We see our children build special friendships with other Jewish kids their age.
  • We learn and play alongside our children, creating lasting and meaningful Jewish memories.
  • We discover Jewish traditions and feel empowered to make them our own.
  • We are understood.
What Else

Some of the many opportunities

for families with children ages 4-14:

  • Family Fridays: Shabbat Services & Dinners (1st Friday of Each Month)
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Parent Education
  • Family Retreats
  • Family Social Action Projects
  • Grade-Level Family Programs: During Religious School Throughout the Year
  • Social Opportunities

"Through our relationships with one another, we find joy, insight, and belonging. This is how we strengthen the fabric of Jewish identity among our families, and this is how we begin to instill in our children a love of Judaism."