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Tuesdays with Torah | Let’s Begin

Tuesday, July 30, 2024

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Wise Center, Zoom | 8329 Ridge Road, Amberley Village

Tuesdays with Torah | Let’s Begin

Rabbi Neil P.G. Hirsch, Senior Rabbi Successor

“In the beginning,” reads the opening words of Genesis. “Let’s start at the very beginning / A very good place to start,” sings Maria to the Von Trapp children. While Jewish tradition teaches that there is no true beginning or end in Torah study, we have to choose a place to start. So, let’s begin to learn with Rabbi Hirsch. During this Tuesdays with Torah, Rabbi Hirsch will explore beginnings in the Jewish tradition. How do various Jewish books begin, and what does that tell us about how we understand engaging with our tradition? In this two-week series, we’ll explore what a strong start looks like, studying the beginnings of various biblical, talmudic, and medieval writings. This is a perfect chance to introduce yourself to Rabbi Hirsch, and he to you.


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