Friendship. Tradition. Fun.

A Jewish community for kids age 0-5 and their families

Hey Parents: Raising young kids can be quite a roller coaster ride. A Jewish community of people who are on the same ride can sure help. YoFI is that community.

Play It Safe

Announcing a new initiative for YoFI families called Play It Safe. We are inviting families to use the Wise Center Playground in a safe and fun way. Here’s how it works:

1- Sign up using our Sign-Up Genius link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0B49A9A62EA2F94-play Please see the link for more details (two family maximum allowed at a time).

2- If you are signed up alone, you do not need to wear a mask. If you are signed up with another family, any person 5 or older is required to wear a mask.

3- Urgent potty needs can be met in a safe way.  If you enter the building, masks are required for ages 5 and up.

4- A teen volunteer will sanitize in between each play session.

5- Feel free to use the benches next to the play set for snacks if you would like.

6- We will provide hand sanitizer and masks for those who need it.


YoFI families are just like you – navigating the twists and turns and laughter and stomach drops of the roller coaster. YoFI is a place where you are understood, known, and welcomed. So, if you have kids age 0-5, strap yourself in and let’s enjoy the ride together.

  • Grow with other Jewish families.
  • Explore and nurture the faith of children.
  • Make memories through celebration.

Hey Kids: Here’s why YoFI is cool…

  • Other Jewish kids to play with. You might find your new BFF.
  • Fun ways to pray and learn about God.
  • Lots of chances to move around and celebrate being Jewish.
  • Tons of time for grown-ups to make friends and talk about whatever grown-ups talk about. (Probably how cute we are!)

So tell your parents to get you in that car seat and get over here. And bring your older brother or sister and your grandparents. They’ll have a ton of fun too.

YoFI, our acronym for Young Family Involvement, is also an informal Hebrew word that means “good,” “cute” or “way to go!”

Shababa at Wise

Music, Ritual and Community Building

Shababa is an open space where children are encouraged to be who they are and grow at their own pace.

Geared toward our youngest children, yet rewarding for parents, older siblings and grandparents too!

2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month
10:00 AM – 10:30 AM: Shababa service
10:30 AM: Snacks, crafts and open play

Open to Wise Temple members and non-members.

Worship Calendar

Are you welcoming a new life into your family? Our Rabbis can help with baby namings.