Adult B’nai Mitzvah

A unique and moving experience

Strengthen your Jewish identity and enhance your connection to the Jewish community in ways you’ve never imagined.

Did you miss out on celebrating becoming Bar/Bat mitzvah as a child? Have you recently converted to Judaism and are looking for your next learning opportunity? Are you interested in learning Judaism’s basic tenants and skills to participate in services?

In this year long course, we will engage in a wide variety of Jewish topics, from liturgy to history to theology and beyond, as well as learning how to read Hebrew. No need to worry about being unprepared – come as you are, and we will all move forward together!

Our year-long experience will conclude in May with a B’nai Mitzvah ceremony, where each of you will read from the Torah, reaffirm your commitment to the Jewish people, and celebrate with our community.

This class does not happen every year. Please contact Rabbi Karen Thomashow to express your interest and find out when the next class will be.

In Their Own Words

“This class is special to me because it’s giving me a sense of identity, a piece of my life I didn’t get when I was younger.”

“I recognized there were missing pieces in the breadth of my Jewish education. Now that I have explored the meaning of more words and prayers, I feel a much deeper connection to my faith and Jewish heritage.”

“Taking this class was intimidating at first. Now Torah has become a good friend, like this is what I am supposed to be doing and it feels just right.”

“This year of becoming a Bat Mitzvah has been one of Jewish struggle, resulting in so much learning, satisfaction, inspiration and a desire for more.”