Live Stream

Live streams of Friday evening services, Holiday services and Bar and Bat Mitzvah services can be viewed below.

  • Friday evening and Holiday services will also be streaming on Facebook Live.
  • If you have come to this page more than 5 minutes before the start of the service, please refresh the page to see the live stream.
  • Click the picture to start the live stream or see when the next broadcast is scheduled.


Google Chrome is the recommended browser for viewing live streams – Download Google Chrome here.

We do not recommend using Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer. Our testing shows that the sound and steadiness of the stream are of much lower quality in these browsers. If you have experienced freezing or low sound while watching the streams, please switch to using Google Chrome.

It may also help to power cycle your modem and router, and to plug into internet with an ethernet cord rather than using wifi.

Live stream from Wise Center

Live Stream of Special Events