The Ralph and Julia Cohen Library

A place for inspiration, exploration, relaxation, and education.

Our library is home to over 22,000 items for all ages.
One of the largest synagogue libraries in North America.

New – Drive-up Library at Wise Temple

Take a page (or something else) from our library!

We are excited to announce that Wise Temple will be opening our wonderful library for curbside, contactless, safe pick up! If you are in search of your next summer reads check out all the Wise Temple Library has to offer by searching the online catalog here.

Then, please email our librarian Andrea Rapp, with your requests.  Once you order, we will coordinate your pick up day!

  • Beautiful and comfortable space to relax, decompress, study or work
  • An extensive selection of children’s books (pre-school through teens)
  • A wide selection of adult fiction and non-fiction books
  • Videos, CDs, audio tapes, audio books and recorded lectures on Jewish topics.
  • Every aspect of Judaica, including Bible, Commentaries, History, Law, Ritual, Ethics, Philosophy, Family, Holidays, Israel, Music, Art, the Holocaust, Biography, Cookbooks and Travel
  • A reference area including primary sources and Judaic encyclopedias and dictionaries
  • A Teacher Resource Room with a large variety of texts, teaching guides, posters and other educational and instructional materials
  • A mini-museum with fascinating facts and artifacts about our congregation
  • An expert librarian, WiFi and an atmosphere of lifelong learning

Visit Us Online or in Person

We are located inside Wise Center and open to the entire Cincinnati community.

  • Mondays:  9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Tuesdays:  9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Thursdays:  9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Questions? Contact Andrea Rapp, Temple Librarian,, 513.793.2556.

Online Catalog

Special Collections

Shavzin-Carsch Collection

The Wise Temple Library houses this unique collection of historically significant books of Jewish content written for children and teens. It illustrates historical trends in Jewish children’s literature on subjects like immigration, the Holocaust, family life, religious teachings, acculturation and identity, Israel, anti-Semitism, the works of particular authors and illustrators and changing styles of writing and illustration for children. Learn More

Wise Temple Archives

We collect and preserve the records of our congregation’s rich history. In over 100 archival boxes, the library houses photographs, founding documents, the constitution and by-laws, committee minutes and reports, financial and membership records, program materials, bulletins, directories and interviews with Wise Temple rabbis, officers and members. Go to the online catalog to see the details of each archival box.