Women Thrive @ Wise

A new initiative providing connection for Wise Temple women 55 and under


WOMEN…Your life is busy – perhaps crazy. There are demands from every angle and you’re trying to meet them all. In the midst of it all, we ask, “What about YOU?”


Take off your Wonder Woman cape, walk away from your to do list, set down your phone…just for a moment…and do something for YOU.

Through Women Thrive @ Wise, you will find an avenue for friendships. Other women who get you, who understand your challenges, who also need to kick back and do something for themselves. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some girlfriends through life’s crazy ride?

What You'll Find

Yes, there are cool events like...

Women’s Sexual Health Discussion:

Hear from doctors, therapists, and experts in the field of women’s sexual health.

Cooking Class:

Tips and Tricks, and plenty of time for tasting and talking.

Ladies Night Out:

A unique outing in the city, complete with all the makings for a great story to tell later.

But it’s less about the events, and more about time for you, about connection, about girlfriends.
All events have a special focus on interaction, mingling, conversation, and relationship building (comfortable for both introverts and extroverts).
Sounds good, right?
Now the trick is making it happen. You make all kinds of things happen for others. Now make this happen for YOU.