Downtown Lunch and Learn

Enjoy Torah study during your lunch break.

Classes will take place over zoom until further notice.

The environment is informal. The content is approachable. The people are welcoming. Come with your curiosity. Ask questions or simply listen. Try it – you’ll be glad you did.

One Thursday per month
11:45 AM – 1:00 PM | See class dates below.

Questions? Contact Terri Snavely, 513.793.2997.

2021 – 2022 Schedule

Queer Jewish Texts

  • Rabbi Karen Thomashow
  • October 7

Rabbi Thomashow kicks off the Downtown Lunch and Learn Series in 21-22 with a study of a handful of queer Jewish texts from the anthology A Rainbow Thread by Noam Sienna. These gems from our tradition offer an extraordinary insight into the experience of queer Jews throughout history.

The Jew and the Pew (Report)

  • Rabbi Lewis Kamrass
  • November 18

Join Rabbi Kamrass for a look at the Pew Research Center 2020 report on Jewish Americans released this Summer. Our conversation will examine the trends, the concerns, and the questions that should receive attention from thoughtful, concerned American Jews. What does this report tell us as we look in the mirror of American Jewish life today, and will we recognize ourselves, our friends, and our family in that mirror?

Judaism and the Stranger

  • Rabbi Michael Danziger
  • January 20

Our tradition is filled with mentions of the ger – the stranger – and the word can mean very different things in different contexts. A danger, a neighbor, a proselyte, someone to protect, and ourselves… these are among the many meanings. What does this variety of concepts of the stranger teach us about ourselves, our relationships, and our responsibilities?

Is Providence a City in Rhode Island?

  • Rabbi Jonathan Hecht
  • March 10

Providence is the idea that God provides protection to the faithful. How does God act in the world? How do we “trigger” God’s providential influence over our lives? What does it mean to say that “God is watching us”? Just about every religion and every religious thinker has had to grapple with the question of “Providence.”

Jewish Resistance During and Post WWII

  • Jonathan Falco
  • May 5

The Holocaust, which stands among the darkest of chapters in Jewish history, was not without its Jewish heroes. From the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising to the extra-judicial slayings of post-war nazis and their collaborators, these Jews were determined to impress upon the world that Jewish blood could never again be spilt with impunity. In honor of this period of Israeli holidays that recalls the victims of the Shoah and those who’ve died in defense of the Jewish state, please join us in uncovering the valiance and bravery of those who fought back.