Wise Temple Wants You!

The sacred work that happens at Wise Temple is a result of a beautiful partnership between staff and congregants. There are hundreds of different ways Wise Temple can put your gifts, passions, and skills to good use, from leadership roles to simple everyday tasks. It's with your contribution of time and unique talents that we, as a congregation, can provide the very best of Jewish life to one another.

Where are you headed? … Wise Temple GPS can direct you. 

When you complete the Gifts, Passions, and Skills section of the Wise Member Portal, your talents, experience, and interests can be matched with opportunities in the Wise Temple community.

What you get: the satisfaction of using your skills in a meaningful way, of contributing to the sacred work of your Temple, and of connecting with others in your Temple community.

Complete your GPS today. www.wisetemple.org/memberportal

3 reasons why you should enter your

Gifts | Passions | Skills:

  1. We care about each other. We support one another. We contribute to the sacred work of our congregation. Each of us plays an important role in this community.
  2. When you share your talents, you get to know people on a deeper level. Next thing you know, you’ve got a new friend, or two, or three.
  3. You get the satisfaction of using your skills in a meaningful way. It seems we’re all looking for meaning in our lives. Find yours here.

Think about your Gifts… what can you bring to this space, to this community?

Think about your Passions… what ideas mean the most to you?

Think about your Skills…. what abilities, strengths, and experiences can you contribute to the work of your congregation? 

Data on Doing Good
  • The more people volunteer, the happier they are, researchers at the London School of Economics found.
  • Data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the CDC show that states with a high volunteer rate have low degrees of mortality and incidences of heart disease. (At last check, Ohio ranked 23rd.)


What's Your GPS (Gifts, Passions, & Skills)?

Enter your GPS in the member portal to let us know your gifts, passions, and skills - and how you could use them to do the sacred work of Wise Temple.

Do you have a great idea or unique talent you'd like to share with your temple community? Then let's talk...

Email or call Kari Fagin,
Director of Member Engagement
513.793.2556 or