Wise Temple Wants You!

The sacred work that happens at Wise Temple is a result of a beautiful partnership between staff and congregants. There are hundreds of different ways Wise Temple can put your gifts, passions, and skills to good use, from leadership roles to simple everyday tasks. It's with your contribution of time and unique talents that we, as a congregation, can provide the very best of Jewish life to one another.

A Few Ideas for Your Role at Temple:


Email Sally about gardening

Email Rabbi Perry about planning Shabbat dinners

Additional Volunteer Roles:

Photograph or Video Events

  • Whether you're amateur or pro, we'd love your help photographing or filming the life and excitement of our community. See your photos on the Temple website, social media, and in Kesher.
  • Interested? Contact Nina Kieffer at 513.793.2556 or nkieffer@wisetemple.org

Tell Stories to Children

  • Those with a flair for the dramatic or who love to read aloud would be welcome at the library on Sundays to share vibrant Jewish stories with children in grades 1 - 3.
  • Interested? Contact Andrea Rapp at 513.793.2556 or arapp@wisetemple.org

Stuff High Holy Day Tickets

  • Each year, we mail tickets to 1,100 families - that's an undertaking! We'd love your help. Grab some friends (or make new ones) and chat it up while enjoying this laid-back task.
  • Interested? Contact Sally Schott at 513.793.2556 or sschott@wisetemple.org

Count Tzedakah

  • Can't find enough time to kibitz with friends? Multitask by gathering a few pals for a chat at Temple while counting the week's religious school tzedakah. Pick a day that's best for you and your friends.
  • Interested? Contact Terri Snavely at 513.793.2997 or tsnavely@wisetemple.org

Help Tell Congregant Stories

  • Get a sneak peek at upcoming Kesher content and hear the untold stories of your fellow members by transcribing interviews.
  • Interested? Contact Nina Kieffer at 513.793.2556 or nkieffer@wisetemple.org

Volunteer Your Time toward the Work of Wise Temple

  • There are plenty more volunteer roles we haven't listed and some we just haven't thought of yet! Do you have a great idea or unique talent you'd like to share with your temple community? Then let's talk... 
  • Interested? Contact Kari Fagin at 513.793.2556 or kfagin@wisetemple.org


What's Your GPS (Gifts, Passions, & Skills)?

If none of these projects speaks to you, email or call Kari Fagin, Director of Member Engagement, 513.793.2556 or kfagin@wisetemple.org.

Fill out this GPS FORM to let us know your gifts, passions, and skills - and how you could use them to do the sacred work of Wise Temple.

Data on Doing Good

The more people volunteer, the happier they are, researchers at the London School of Economics found.


Data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the CDC show that states with a high volunteer rate have low degrees of mortality and incidences of heart disease. (At last check, Ohio ranked 23rd.)