Congregant Care

In times of uncertainty...

We have opportunities for you to offer help to others, or to receive help if needed, and to lean on those in your congregational family for the support that is at the core of being a holy congregation.

In this community, we share our lives with one another. Our Congregant Care volunteers support, celebrate and comfort fellow congregants with a range of thoughtful gestures such as cards of condolence and mazel tov; new baby gift baskets; care packages and small gifts during the holidays and the dark months; touchpoints of phone calls on a semi-regular basis to members; and support during illness: a challah delivery, a soup delivery, or a get-well tote delivery.

Whether it’s to offer, or receive help, you may also call or email the Rabbis’ office, 513-793-2559 or to indicate where you are prepared to lend your hand or to identify your need of receiving a hand. Please also provide your phone number(s), email and home address in the event that we don’t have your most updated information.



Don’t let transportation keep you from staying connected to Wise Temple life. Free rides (provided by another congregant) are available to Friday evening services and WiseGen events. We’ll make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to engage with your Wise Temple community.


Want to make a real impact on the life of a fellow congregant? It’s as easy as giving them a ride. Help those who are unable to drive stay connected to the Wise community. Add your name to the list of volunteers who are called when a need arises. A small gesture with a big impact.

Contact or 513.793.2559