At Wise Temple, Lifelong Learning is enlightening, stimulating, challenging, and relevant to our daily lives.

Study Torah – a commandment we approach both seriously and joyously through our:

  • award-winning Religious School for children ages 4-18, and
  • expansive adult learning program (Eitz Chayim.)

No matter your age, Lifelong Learning:

  • Is the best way of applying Jewish values in your life
  • Gives you the ability to think and act in larger and deeper ways
  • Connects you to your spirituality, to your faith, and to your history

The ancient rabbis teach us that "the study of Torah is equal to all the commandments, because our study leads us to doing them." 


Questions? Alex Burte, Membership/Program Manager, 513-793-2556 or


Questions? Terri Snavely, Education Administrative Assistant, 513-793-2997 or