Civic Engagement@Wise

Through Civic Engagement@Wise, Wise Temple provides an opportunity for congregants of all ages to live out their Jewish values by working together to influence systemic change.

CE@Wise focuses on societal concerns such as:

  • increasing voter participation
  • reducing gun violence
  • criminal justice reform
  • and securing reproductive rights for women

Our congregants register voters, participate in marches, lobby legislators, plan educational programs on social problems, and collect signatures to support pending legislation.

Take Action NOW!

Addressing Voter Suppression in Ohio: Legislative Action You Can Take Now

Several bills have been introduced that impact the voting process in Ohio. We encourage you to express your views about these bills with key legislators. Your voice can make a difference. You can reach lawmakers by e-mail, phone, or postcard.

House Bill 680 – Shortens the deadline to apply for an absentee ballot; prohibits the Secretary of State from pre-paying postage for absentee ballot applications.

  • Introduced on 5/26; Passed in the Ohio House of Representatives on 6/4
  • Referred to the Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee; no hearings scheduled to date.

Key provisions:

  • Shortens the deadline by four days, for all elections, to apply for an absentee ballot
  • Clarifies that the Secretary of State may not prepay return postage on any application for absentee ballot

Recommended Action: Contact members of the Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee and let them know that Ohio lawmakers should be making it easier, not harder, for Ohioans to vote by absentee ballot, and that you Oppose HB680 and any attempt to shorten the time frame for voting by absentee ballot.

Senate Bill 191 – Creates an online process for applying for an absentee ballot (currently this can only be done by mailing in a paper application)

  • Committee hearings were held in the Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee in September and February, but no further action has been taken
  • This bill is supported by the Secretary of State; League of Women Voters and the OH Association of Elected Officials

Recommended Action: Contact members of Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee and let them know you are in favor of simplifying the absentee ballot request process; that you Support SB191; and you would like to see additional action taken to move it forward.

Contact Members of the Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee Here (includes phone number and email link for each Senator)

If you have limited time, reach out to:

  • Committee Chairman William P. Coley, II

Ranking Minority Member Hearcel F. Craig

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A Partnership

CE@Wise works in partnership with RAC Ohio, a network of Reform congregations that work together to affect systemic change locally and state-wide. RAC Ohio is part of the Religious Action Center, the social justice arm of the Union of Reform Congregations.

Wise Temple is a “Brit Olam” congregation.  We have signed a covenant to confront injustice at its root.


If you and your family are interested in learning more about CE@Wise, use the form below to send us an email: