Spiritual. Educational. Social.

An Outstanding Group of Men

Whether you seek social, spiritual, educational or social activities, the Brotherhood is the community within the community for you.

Enjoy: Summer Cycling. Service Participation. Burgers & Beer with the Rabbis. Mentoring young men at Lighthouse Youth Services. Reds Games. Men’s Health Night. Campouts. Cooking. And More.

Phrases most commonly used by the Brotherhood:
“No Worries”

The response given to any request for help. The Brotherhood has an unmatched dedication to serving this Temple family in any way needed.

“Sit by me”

The words so comfortably spoken to every member or guest. The Brotherhood means inclusion, acceptance, and community.

“What’s Next?”

The question regularly asked amongst all members. The Brotherhood recognizes the ongoing need for growth and change that engages members of every age. Bring your ideas to the group for what you think should be next.