Picture this. A procession of kindergartners walks down the center aisle of Plum Street Temple. Each finely dressed child carries a tiny Torah, the cover uniquely decorated. Their minds are wide open to the Jewish learning ahead; their hearts filled with wonder.

Consecration is a celebration like no other. It’s a celebration of beginnings, as young lives begin their formal Jewish education. For families of consecrants, it’s one of the most memorable and meaningful moments in the family’s Jewish life.

It’s no accident that this celebration takes place on Erev Simchat Torah, the holiday marking the start of a new Torah reading cycle. Another beginning.

"I don’t have a child of consecration age, but I never miss this service. It’s my chance to welcome the future generations of Jews into our community. And it brings me such joy to see these sweet, young lives set out on this sacred path."


The Consecration ceremony was created by the late Rabbi Samuel Wohl of Wise Temple and began right here at our synagogue. Check out the precious photos of past Consecrants dating back to the 1930s in the halls of Wise Center.