Religious School

This is the Place…

for community

“My kids have a whole group of friends here and they’re all from different school districts. There’s a connection here that can’t be replicated in secular school. When my kids are learning and laughing and praying alongside other Jewish kids, it bonds them in a special way.”


for creativity

“The teachers are creative in ways that make learning both meaningful and fun. They give my kids experiences that spark their enthusiasm and excitement for Judaism.”

for caring

“At Religious School, there’s a focus on taking care of my kids on every level – intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. I know Wise Temple really cares about my kids, as unique individuals, and it shows in the relationships they have with their teachers and the rabbis.”

for character

“Knowing how to live a Jewish life and being guided by Jewish values is important to our family. Religious School gives my kids the foundation for becoming the best people they can be.”

for commitment

“The staff is committed to making sure my kids truly enjoy Religious School. But my commitment, as a parent, is also really important. The more involved I am, the more my kids get out of the experience. And honestly, by being involved, I also learn a lot and meet a lot of great people.”

Wise Temple Religious School. This is the place.