Passover 2020/5780

Why is This Night Different?


Each year we ask this in the Four Questions, but this year we ask it in unique ways, in light of the isolation and distance that we feel from our usual circles of family, friends and community as we shelter in place in the midst of Covid-19.

Yet it is as important as ever to tell the story, and to ask the questions.  And so, we have developed for you this Passover Seder resource this year, as you gather in different ways around the table, perhaps connecting to family or friends who cannot be there together, but who seek to join together and hold hands, virtually.   It is more important than ever to sing the songs, to rejoice in our blessings, and to tell our story, as we have done for thousands of years.

Perhaps you have been a guest at another person’s seder in past years, and you feel unprepared to lead a Seder in your own home.  These resources are for you to help guide you through each step.

Perhaps you want to share the Seder experience with those who might have been at your table and who are not physically with you.  You can connect with them on a mobile device from your seder table, and share with them these resources that we have created for this unique Seder at home and shared virtually with others:

Passover Events

Apr 9
Passover Morning Service-live stream
9:30 am
Apr 9
Virtual Young Families Passover Seder
5:30 pm
Apr 9
NextGen@Wise 2nd Seder-via zoom
7:30 pm
Apr 15
Passover Yizkor Service-live stream
9:30 am
Apr 16
J.WOOT & WOOTY Passover
6:00 pm

Wise Temple Haggadah

We have created for you a PDF Haggadah, to be printed for your table or viewed on your mobile device. If you are sharing the Seder virtually with people in a different location, you can send them this Haggadah which they can also utilize digitally or print, so that you are all “on the same page.”  Whether across town, or through the miles, this Haggadah and other resources will keep you connected and sharing the experience together.

Wise Temple Haggadah 2020


Charoset Recipes

Here are three very different, very delicious charoset recipes from around the world, that you and those with whom you are connected may wish to enjoy.

Three Charoset Recipes

Video Supplements to the Wise Temple Haggadah

We have made these brief videos to stimulate meaningful conversation of the lessons of the Seder and their relevance for this unique time in our lives. Each video can be easily accessed and referenced with the corresponding page number of the Seder, so that you can pause, watch/listen to the message, and extend the meaning of the Haggadah to what is relevant in your own lives.

Pause in the Haggadah on the following pages for these supplemental videos. Open the playlist in the upper right corner of the video to play any video from the list:

  • Introduction
  • P. 5 – what is on the table
  • P. 9 – washing hands
  • P. 13 – the four questions
  • P. 13 – four (more) questions for our time
  • P. 18 – Dayeinu song
  • P. 20 – in every generation
  • P. 27 – the cup of Elijah
  • P. 29 – next year in Jerusalem!
  • P. 32 – Chad gadya song
  • P. 34 – pharaoh, pharaoh song

Jewish Holiday Dates

2019-2020 (5780)
  • Rosh HaShanah: Sept. 29–Oct. 1, 2019
  • Yom Kippur: Oct. 8–9, 2019
  • Sukkot: Oct. 13–20, 2019
  • Simchat Torah: Oct. 20–21, 2019
  • Hanukkah: Dec. 22–30, 2019
  • Tu BiShvat: Feb. 9–10, 2020
  • Purim: Mar. 9–10, 2020
  • Passover: Apr. 8–15, 2020
  • Yom HaShoah: Apr. 20–21, 2020
  • Yom HaZikaron & Yom HaAtzmaut: Apr. 27–29, 2020
  • Lag BaOmer: May 11-12, 2020
  • Shavuot: May 28–29, 2020
  • Tishah B’Av: Jul. 29–30, 2020
  • Selichot Services: Sept. 12, 2020