Empty Nesters


A community for those whose kids have recently left the nest

Those who did not have kids but are of a similar age (49-69) and soon-to-be empty nesters are also welcome.

Experience the joys of this new life stage with friends from Wise Temple. Whether you’re a teary mess or jumping for joy when your kids leave, this stage can be a time of adjustment. And Wise Temple is here to help.

The impact of this group is best described by our congregants…

Upcoming Empty Nester Events


Contact the office at 513.793.2556

Marc Silverman:

“I loved being active during my kids’ religious school experience and their life cycle events like B’nai Mitzvah and Confirmation, but Judaism isn’t just for my kids; it’s for me too. The empty nest group is a way for me to stay active in Temple.”


“As a soon-to-be empty nester, I’m eager to participate in events for me, not just for my kids. I’m looking forward to establishing traditions, habits, and memories with other Wise Temple empty nesters.”


“Building relationships takes time and effort, but the empty nest group provides the environment for this to happen. Great friendships have come out of me simply saying ‘yes’ to participating.


“It can be hard to put yourself out there. Two years ago, I didn’t know a single person at Wise, but I just kept coming to events and now I have a lot of really special friendships. My best advice is to show up and keep showing up.”


“It’s important to me to reengage with the Temple at this stage of life. There are people I know and really like from Temple – people I first met when the kids were young. The empty nest group gives me opportunities to be with those friends and deepen those relationships.”


“I’ve started to think about what real meaning in my life looks like Wise Temple as a whole, and this group in particular, can provide the meaning I’m looking for. I like that I can be with others who share my values and are experiencing similar joys and challenges of this life stage.”


“Wise Temple offers over 100 worship, 60 social action and 100 learning opportunities that empty nesters can take advantage of each year. Now, we’re also offering more purely social activities that will bring people together in new ways.”


“This is a great time of exploration, new beginnings and additional challenges.  Getting involved in Wise Temple’s empty nest group increases opportunities for advice and support from an enhanced network.”


“The empty nest group is focused on more personal invitation. I challenge each of us to invite someone to empty nest events. If you’re waiting to be invited, turn the tables – make the first move. You’ll be amazed at the impact your invitation has on others, on you, and on the community as a whole!”