Civil Discourse Seminars

Can Biblical stories empower us to engage more constructively in disagreements today?

Today, civil discourse between the political divides is turning less and less civil. In response, the Pardes Center for Judaism and Conflict Resolution (PCJCR) has created a new initiative: Mahloket Matters: How to Disagree Constructively – The Beit Midrash Way.

At the core of the traditional beit midrash (study hall) are havrutot (study pairs), critically studying together mahloket, conflicting opinions, found on every page of classic Jewish texts. This methodology of studying text can be used to increase the desire and ability to understand and engage more constructively with conflicting political opinions today, improving civil discourse.

One Monday per month (see dates and topics below)
5:15 PM – 6:30 PM

Questions? Contact Sally Schott, Executive Director, 513.793.2556.