Fantastic Israel For Families

Fantastic Israel for Families

An intergenerational trip for children, parents, grandparents, and other family members to explore Israel and make lasting memories together.


Day 1: Sunday, July 7th – ON THE WAY

  • Depart on your overnight flight to Israel.
  • Overnight: Flight

Day 2: Monday, July 8th – THE CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS

  • Arrive at Ben Gurion International Airport.
  • Group transfer to Tel Aviv, also known as “the city that never sleeps.” A place of sun and fun, its centers of culture and history are complimented by great beaches, stores, and entertainment.
  • Check in to your hotel.
  • Opening session & welcome dinner with the tour educator & leaders.
  • Overnight: Tel Aviv; Meals: Welcome Dinner

Day 3: Tuesday, July 9th – THE MANY LAYERS OF TEL AVIV

  • Breakfast at an Israeli hotel is an experience in itself. Start the day with a bounteous buffet.
  • Stop at the Jaffa Overlook for an introduction to Tel Aviv and to our journey in Israel.
  • Join a scavenger hunt in Neve Zedek, one of Tel Aviv’s oldest neighborhoods.
  • Join locals lunching at the Carmel Market, with food options from all over the Mediterranean and Middle East. Use our voucher system to get your own taste of Tel Aviv.
  • Experience the dynamism of Jewish life at the newly-opened ANU Museum of the Jewish People, which showcases the diversity of Jews across the globe and highlights the creative works and cultural riches of a variety of communities in different periods of history until the present day.
  • Enjoy dinner together with everyone on the Cincinnati Community Mission.
  • Overnight: Tel Aviv; Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Community Dinner Event

Day 4: Wednesday, July 10th – VOYAGE AND DISCOVERY

  • Join the volunteer organization Leket Israel and pick fruits and vegetables for those in need.
  • Take part in an archaeological dig at the Beit Guvrin Caves and uncover pottery from the Hellenistic period, 2,300 years ago. Optional: Crawl through the Maresha Cave Labyrinth, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Visit the  Ayalon Institute near Rehovot and uncover its role in the establishment of the state of Israel. This secret ammunition factory produced millions of bullets for Jewish forces fighting for a Jewish state and the end of British rule over Palestine.
  • Enjoy Tel Aviv at night and check out the city’s nightlife, world-class restaurants, and club and café culture.
  • Overnight: Tel Aviv; Meals: Breakfast

Day 5: Thursday, July 11th – GLORY OF JERUSALEM

  • Check out of the hotel and depart for Jerusalem.
  • Explore the Jerusalem Archaeological Park, including the Davidson Center, Robinson’s Arch, and the Southern Wall steps where Jewish pilgrims entered the Temple Mount 2,000 years ago.
  • Proceed to the Old City and begin by stopping at the Kotel (Western Wall) to experience the special atmosphere of this holy site.
  • Continue with a walking tour through the Jewish Quarter for visits to archaeological treasures and other highlights, among them:
    The Cardo, the main street of Jerusalem in the 6th century
    King Hezekiah’s First Temple-period “Broad Wall”
    Hurva Square, the central square of the Jewish Quarter
  • Overnight: Jerusalem; Meals: Breakfast

Day 6: Friday, July 12th – BEYOND THE SURFACE

  • Explore the City of David, the core of ancient Jerusalem, and learn how the city was administered during the First Temple period.
  • Enjoy a tour of the grounds of Israel’s “Capitol Hill”: The Rose Garden, featuring more than 400 species of roses imported from all around the world; The Knesset – Israel’s Parliament building and its famous Menorah – Israel’s symbol monument built from bronze; The Supreme Court – designed to reflect Jewish and democratic values of justice.
  • Return to the hotel to prepare for Shabbat.
  • Celebrate Shabbat together at the Blaustein Hall.
  • Enjoy a festive Shabbat dinner and celebrate the holy day in song.
  • Walk to the Western Wall (Kottel) for a quiet late night visit.
  • Overnight: Jerusalem; Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Shabbat Dinner

Wise Temple on Masada

Day 7: Saturday, July 13th – SHABBAT IN JERUSALEM

  • OPTION 1:
    • Spend the day at the Dead Sea Basin. Take the cable car to the top of Masada, where Jewish rebels are believed to have made their final attempt to resist Roman invaders (c 74 CE).
  • OPTION 2:
    • Enjoy a guided tour of the Tower of David Museum where the story of Jerusalem is told with exciting exhibitions and in an amazing location.
      Visit some Christian sites, including the Pool of Bethesda and St. Anne’s Crusader Church, followed by a walk along the Via Dolorosa, passing by the Ecce Homo Arch and the Sisters of Zion Convent, ending at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.
  • OPTION 3:
    • Stretch your legs with a hike that will take you from the tree-laden beauty of the Jerusalem Hills down to the Sataf Springs. Along the way, witness how ancient methods of agricultural cultivation are being revived in modern Israel.
  • Join a communal Havdalah service overlooking the Old City.
  • Overnight: Jerusalem; Meals: Breakfast

Day 8: Sunday, July 14th – MEMORY AND RENEWAL

  • Visit Yad Vashem, the national memorial to the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust.
  • Explore Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo, famous for its Afro-Asiatic collection of wildlife, many of which are ascribed in the Hebrew Bible, as well as for its success in breeding endangered species. for families with children.
  • Experience the vibrancy and energy of Mahane Yehuda’s open-air market and enjoy a tasty lunch.
  • Enjoy dinner together with everyone on the Cincinnati Community Mission.
  • Overnight: Jerusalem; Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Community Dinner Event


  • Where are we and where are we going? A conversation with Ambassador of the United States to Israel – Thomas R. Nides.
  • Meet with President of Israel Isaac Herzog at his official residence.
  • Choose from some Tikkun Olam projects:
    • OPTION 1:
      • Join Keren BeKavod, the Center for Social and Communal Activity of Israel’s Reform Movement, and pack boxes of food to be sent to residents in need.
    • OPTION 2:
      • Meet elderly, often impoverished, immigrants who are finding a sense of purpose and creating beautiful artwork at Yad LaKashish (Lifeline for the Elderly). We’ll hear personal stories and see the aging artisans in action, talk with those running this inspirational organization, and check out the fabulous gift shop that supports this endeavor.
    • OPTION 3:
      • Visit Susan’s house, an art center and meeting place for youth at risk, which provides an opportunity of learning a craft and skill in order for them to become a productive part of Israeli society.
  • Enjoy some free time.
  • Consider your experience on this journey and what you are taking back home with you in a closing circle.
  • Enjoy a festive farewell dinner.
  • Group transfer to Ben Gurion International Airport to check in for your departure flight to the US.
  • Meals: Breakfast & Farewell Dinner

Day 10: Tuesday, July 16th – UNTIL THE NEXT TIME

  • Return to the USA


*Please note that itineraries are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances, circumstances beyond the control of the tour company, and to accommodate the specific needs and make up of participants on each bus.