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Cooking Improv with La Soupe

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Saturday, October 22, 2022

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
La Soupe | 915 E McMillan St., Cincinnati

Cooking Improv with La Soupe

Cooking Improv! is a food literacy experience coupled with La Soupe’s  mission of rescuing and transforming food to reduce food waste and help the food insecure. Participants will use their knowledge, skills and ideas to prepare healthy recipes using the materials they have on hand.

By building our knowledge on cooking methods and the use of whole products, we encourage using less and wasting less without sacrificing the creation of healthy delicious food.  Essentially, it’s learning to cook with what is available to you.

The experience is divided into 2 parts: the Mission and Cooking Improv.  For the mission, you will be honing knife skills and chopping recently rescued produce for La Soupe’s production kitchen.  While the majority of the processed produce is sent back for production, a small portion is set aside for use for the Cooking Improv portion of the class.  Here, participants will create 2 dishes using their ideas and knowledge of cooking!

For ages 12 and up.


Contact Stephanie Rozakis at 513.793.2556 or srozakis@wisetemple.org