Our Staff

Lauren Smyjunas

Director of Communications and Home Base

Lauren Glynn Smyjunas brings a passion for community engagement and education to Wise Temple. With a decade of service within the Jewish community, Lauren is committed to creating enriching experiences for all. In her role, Lauren spearheads the strategic vision for the Communications team and the vibrant after-school program, Home Base. Before joining Wise Temple, Lauren was at the Mayerson JCC, where she facilitated impactful experiences for Camp at the J, After School Programming, Youth & Family, and more, fostering a sense of belonging for all families. Lauren holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Indiana University and a Master of Education Degree with a certificate in Administration and Leadership from Gratz College.

In addition to her expertise in education and community programming, Lauren comes with a background in communications through various publications. She has extensive experience working in both print and design. Lauren is a lifelong member of Wise Temple and a Cincinnati native and resides in the Deer Park/Amberley area with her husband, Robert, and their cats Bella and Bailey. Lauren looks forward to connecting with community members and becoming a familiar face around Wise Temple!