Plum Street Temple 2023-2024 Photo Archives


7/26/2023: Before and after of the roof hatches that were painted while our painters had access to these areas

7/26/2023: The fresh paint significantly brightens the exterior of the building!

7/26/2023: Painting of Plum Street is 90% complete! Scaffolding on the north side is starting to come down.

7/26/2023: The south side of the building has required extensive scaffolding to access the many areas needing paint.

7/26/2023: Close up of the sheet metal, now painted and fresh, with new wire to keep birds from resting on the sills (above and below)

7/26/2023: As part of the outdoor work, these steps on the south side of the building are being repaired and caulked as they have crumbled over time.

7/12/2023: Scaffolding is erected in this very small courtyard between Plum Street and the parking garage. This courtyard is only accessible through a small hole in a closet in the Bride’s room. This means that each piece of the Scaffolding (as well as each worker) came through that tiny space and was erected. Taking it down may be even more challenging than putting it up!

7/12/2023: In order to erect the first level of scaffolding, the ceiling must be shored up inside. This means additional scaffolding in our storeroom so that no damage or injuries takes place.

7/11/2023: Scaffolding has been erected in this very small space in between the parking garage and Plum Street. Crews have now begun work on every side of our building!

7/11/2023: Scaffolding on the north side of the building (left in this picture) is coming down as this side is now complete! Scaffolding on the upper south side has been approved and crews are now working hard on the upper metalwork. Shoring inside the building has been approved by our engineer, and scaffolding is now being erected in order to paint sheet metal on the lower part of the south side

6/29/2023: The North (Eighth Street) side of the building is complete! As work continues on the front of the building, the scaffolding on the South side has been green-tagged and prep work has begun.

6/27/2023: Crews are cleaning and painting windows and door frames on the West (Plum Street) side of the building. Cleaning the windows on the North (Eighth Street) side of the building

6/22/2023: Encountering a deteriorated area of sheet metal was not unexpected. Our team replaced the rotted metal with a new piece of sheet metal which was cut and formed to fit, then riveted to the existing pieces and smoothed out. This will help protect both the minaret, and the sanctuary below, from water intrusion.

6/21/2023: Before and after pictures of cleaning the sandstone.

6/20/2023: Before and after pictures of the first minaret being scraped and primed. It’s ready for a finish coat!

6/19/2023: The crane has arrived to help us reach the minarets to begin work on painting the sheet metal at the very top of our building.

6/16/2023: As week one of our project draws to a close we can see some progress on our beautiful building.

6/15/2023: Scaffolding and a boom lift are used to access some high areas. Scaffolding will is now on the north side of the building. A crane will arrive in June 19 to access the minarets.

6/13/2023: Primer is applied to the windows and doors to seal them and get them ready for a new coat of paint.

6/12/2023: Scaffolding Installation

6/12/2023: Project begins