Memorial Book

Remembering plays an important role in the Jewish life cycle. As we approach Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year, our 2020/2021 Memorial Book will be produced as a loving reminder of those whom we have held close to our hearts.


This booklet includes special prayers and meditations to help those who are bereaved and to use when observing yahrzeit. Names are listed in alphabetical order by family. The booklet is distributed to the entire congregation at the Yom Kippur Afternoon/Memorial service and is yours to keep. This year we are offering the option of having a book mailed to your home, in case you are unable to come to services. Cost of mailing the book is $5. The entire book will also be available to view online.

Click the blue button to submit the names of those you wish to memorialize. A minimum of $10 per name is suggested. Larger gifts, prompted by your own generosity, will be gratefully received.

Questions or more information: Kathy Schlaeger at 513.538.0587 or

Jewish Holiday Dates

2019-2020 (5780)
  • Selichot Services: Sept. 12, 2020
  • Rosh HaShanah: Sept. 18-20, 2020
  • Yom Kippur: Sept. 27-28, 2020
  • Sukkot: Oct. 2-9, 2020
  • Simchat Torah: Oct. 9-10, 2020
  • Hanukkah: Dec. 10-18, 2020
  • Tu BiShvat: Jan. 27-28, 2020
  • Purim: Feb. 25-26, 2020
  • Passover: Mar. 27-Apr. 3, 2021
  • Yom HaShoah: Apr. 7-8, 2021
  • Yom HaZikaron & Yom HaAtzmaut: Apr. 14-16, 2021
  • Lag BaOmer: Apr. 29-30, 2021
  • Shavuot: May 16-17, 2021
  • Tishah B’Av: Jul. 17-18, 2021
  • Selichot Services: Aug. 28, 2021