About Torah scrolls and scribing 

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For young children:

The Patchwork Torah, by Allison Ofanansky   E 745.6 Of

    From his grandfather, David learned to be a sofer, a scribe, and to care for the Torah scrolls that he receives, no matter their condition.  One day he assembles a complete scroll from pieces damaged in the Holocaust, fire, and floods. Winner 2014 National Jewish Book Awards  for Illustrated Children's Book.

How It's Made: Torah Scroll, by Allison Ofanansky  E 745.6 Of

    Meet the scribes, artists, and craftsmen who make Torah scrolls and decorations. Find out how parchment is scraped and stretched, how tree sap becomes ink, how a computer program checks for mistakes, and why people spend so much time and care making Torah scrolls by hand.

Visiting a Synagogue, by Ruth Nason  E 262 Na

   This book tells what a synagogue is, and gives information about the Torah scrolls, the ark, and Shabbat. Includes index and list of suggested activities.

For older children, families, adults:

Sofer: The Story of a Torah Scroll, by Dr. Eric Ray  J 745.6 RA

   A scribe explains in detail how he shapes the Hebrew letters he uses in transcribing the Torah and how he prepares the scrolls themselves.  Illustrated with black and white photographs.

A Torah Is Written, by Paul Cowan and Rachel Cowan   E 745.6 Co

   Describes the training, the materials, and the tools of Jewish scribes and the process used to prepare handwritten Torah scrolls, as shown in the work of Rabbi Yehuda Clapman. Illustrated with black and white photographs.

The Jewish Catalog: a Do-It-Yourself Kit, compiled and edited by Richard Siegel, Michael Strassfeld, Sharon Strassfeld.   039 Fi

    Volume I, pp. 184-209 on scribal arts.

The How-To Handbook for Jewish Living, by Kerry M. Olitzky and Ronald H. Isaacs  240 Ol  pp. 32-44

On Torah handling, reading, chanting.

The Second How-To Handbook for Jewish Living, by Olitzky and Isaacs 240 OI p. 9-10

Hebrew Calligraphy by Jay Seth Greenspan  745.6 Gr

  A guide to the art of Hebrew lettering.

For Out of Zion: The Making of a Torah   745.6 Fo DVD

   A 15 minute DVD.