Wise Journey Torah Writing Project

As a uniquely special part of the anniversary celebrations, our congregational family will share a powerful experience as we write two Torah scrolls together (one for Wise Center and one for Plum Street Temple), each person having the rare opportunity to guide the quill (together with the Sofer) and form a letter on the parchment.

A spiritual and uplifting experience like no other.
A rare opportunity to be a part of fulfilling the command to write a Torah scroll.
A legacy you’ll be talking about for generations to come.

By writing a Torah together, as a community, we each become a guardian of the Torah, both its physical form and its teachings. We do not just use the Torah, we keep the Torah alive, reading from it and living its teachings every day. Each scroll connects us to the story of our people - touching eternity as we read the same words our ancestors read thousands of years ago, and the same words our children’s children will read for hundreds of years to come. 

Sometimes it's hard to fully understand the power of an experience without seeing it firsthand. So, PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO BELOW.