Two Torah Scrolls

To commemorate the anniversaries of our congregation and the completion of Plum Street Temple, we are overjoyed to offer to each Wise Temple member the opportunity to fulfill the 613th commandment to write a Torah. To undertake such sacred work is an affirmation of faith, joy and purpose, and is an expression of gratitude and love.

We are writing a Torah together as a community so each one of us will become a guardian of the Torah, both its physical form and its teachings. We do not just use the Torah, we keep the Torah alive, reading from it and living its teachings every day. Each scroll connects us to the story of our people - touching eternity as we read the same words our ancestors read thousands of years ago and the same words our children’s children will read for hundreds of years to come. 

"And now, write for yourselves this song, and teach it to the Children of Israel. Place it into their mouths, in order that this song will be for God as a witness for the children of Israel." (Deuteronomy 31:19)

Engage in an exciting initative that ties us to our past, creates memories of today, and will live for generations into the future. Two new Torah scrolls written, not for our congregation, but by our congregation - scribed by us, letter by letter. 

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