Wise Temple and Wise Journey Anniversary Celebrations
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Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise's role in the development of Reform Judaism in America, the Historic Landmark of Plum Street Temple, and the role Wise Temple plays in the community are all significant to the Wise Temple community, the larger Jewish community, and the Cincinnati community as a whole. As a result, we've been in the news and will continue to be throughout this celebration season. Keep checking back for more to come. 

Historic Plum Street Temple Just Might Be The Most Beautiful Place In Downtown Cincy - Cincinnati Refined Article
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Mazel Tov, Wise Temple! Congregation Celebrates Two Historical Anniversaries with Series of Events

On February 26, 1842, a small group of German-Jewish immigrants here in Cincinnati officially became a congregation. Eleven years later, they elected a man as their spiritual leader who would not only set their future course, but also that of Reform Judaism as the world now knows it: Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise. 

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Uncommon Styles of Jewish Music Come to Wise and Plum Street Temples

For its 2017 musician-in-residence program, taking place the weekend of February 24, Wise Temple welcomes Elana Jagoda and Saul Kaye, a San Francisco-based couple each pioneering a new style of Jewish music: Jagoda, folk, and Kaye, blues. The same weekend, in a separate event, Plum Street Temple places a world-renowned organist at the keys of its historic, 19th-century Rockwern organ for a special occasion that’s open to the general public.

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Plum Street Temple Sets Tour Dates for 2017

Plum Street Temple opens its doors for a series of free tours taking place in the first half of 2017, each offering Wise Temple members and the general public a chance to learn more about this historic downtown structure from Wise Temple rabbi, Lewis Kamrass.

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Plum Street Temple Opens Its Doors to the Public for Two Unique Concerts

Mark your calendars now for events you won’t want to miss: two rare opportunities to experience the splendor of Plum Street Temple and its historical Rockwern organ, as played by two famed organists.

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Still Time for Wise Temple Members to Scribe a Letter in the Torah

It is no ordinary year for Wise Temple: 175 years as a congregation, 150 years as steward of the historic Plum Street Temple, and now, a year of scribing not one, but two Torah scrolls, one for each building.

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Wise Temple Kicks Off Wise Journey - American Israelite

It is special year for Wise Temple. The Reform congregation has not one, but two big milestones to recognize: 175 years as a congregation and 150 years since the opening of Plum Street Temple.

“It’s invigorating to see how these anniversaries have inspired our congregants,” says Project Director Jennifer Zelkind.

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Plum Street Temple - Sophisticated Living Magazine

On a sun dappled afternoon that held the final chill of winter Rabbi Lewis H. Kamrass, the Senior Rabbi of the Isaac M Wise Temple, ushered this guest into the Wise Center, which was as warm and welcoming as its host.  Elegantly dressed in a dark suit, a crisp white shirt and sporting a dignified bow tie, Rabbi Kamrass reflected on the historic association that Cincinnati has had with the Plum Street Temple and its suburban counterpart in Amberley Village.

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