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Kehillah – Community!

We strive to create a kehillah kedoshah (sacred community) based on the Jewish values of derech eretz (good manners) and kavod (respect) for others. We seek to provide a safe and sacred space for our children and their families to discover the joys, the values, the knowledge, and the tools of Jewish life and living. 

How You Can Help Your Child Make Connections

  • Making friends, experiencing community, and deepening Jewish identity – these are our goals for each child. Classroom experiences are critical to these goals, but they are not sufficient. We encourage you to help your child make friends at Temple. Take advantage of the informal opportunities we provide and create your own! 
  • Play Dates. For younger children, after Religious School is a wonderful time to plan play dates. Grab lunch from the Brotherhood with another family and take advantage of our outdoor picnic area, playground, and ga-ga pit, or plan an outing or home visit for your child with a friend. You’ll receive a class roster early in the year, making it easy to get in touch with your child’s friends at Temple.
  • Shabbat and Holiday Celebration. When we celebrate together, it strengthens our kids’ connections to the Temple and to one another. And it's a wonderful way to get to know your child's friends and their families. Every opportunity for your children to build friendships with their peers at Temple will deepen their comfort and enjoyment in being here.
  • Family Retreat. Our Family retreat is an interactive Jewish experience with learning, games, prayer, singing, and community-building activities for kids and adults alike. It is a tremendous experience for making connections with other Wise Temple families!  
  • Social Events. Wise Temple sponsors social events for different grades throughout the year. Watch for more details about these fun and informal programs.

Supporting Education

  • You have the greatest influence on your child's Jewish identity and growth. Here's how you can best support them:
  • Show your child that you value Jewish education.
  • Model engagement with Jewish life and learning and continue the learning at home.
  • Reach out to other Wise Temple families and encourage your child to develop friendships with other Religious School children.
  • Notify us of any physical, social, or learning difficulties your child may be experiencing. We can best help if we are aware of the child's needs. If your child is experiencing difficulties in secular school, s/he will most likely experience similar difficulties in Religious School.
  • While extracurricular activities like sports, music, and scouts are important, please place priority on your child's Jewish education.
  • Help your child attend regularly and arrive on time. There is a direct correlation between attendance and success, interest, and attitude, both academically and socially.

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