Team Madrichim

In simplest terms, Madrichim are teaching assistants, but it’s more than that –
so much more.

These teens are transformed into role models, into leaders, whose young students look up to them. Confidence, pride, meaning, and a renewed passion for learning – that’s what this program creates for our teens.

Think teenagers can’t be motivated, passionate, engaging? Think again.

Wise Temple has one of the largest Madrichim programs in the country with 100 high schoolers who:

  • Prepare lessons on the value of the month and model those values in the classroom,
  • Lead small group discussions and tutor kids in Hebrew,
  • Introduce exciting games to review classroom material,
  • Provide a safe and loving environment for every student,
  • Make it “cool” to be Jewish, and
  • Bring a sense of ruach (spirit) to the classroom, youth events, and retreats.
JET (Jewish Educators-in-Training) Program
  • In-depth training course for all Freshman madrichim.
  • Innovative combination of training and hands-on experience.
  • Rotation between learning and working in the classroom.
    • One hour each week during the first semester, madrichim learn how to lead small groups, facilitate games, communicate with students, aid in classroom management, write lesson plans, and incorporate Jewish topics.
    • In the classroom, madrichim implement what they’ve learned with the support of a supervising teacher and at least one older, experienced madrich/a.
  • Everything teens need to be successful in this important role.

"Investment in madrichim is an investment in the Jewish lives of our teens and in the lives of all of our students.  At a time when personal attention and a connection to a larger community are essential, these madrichim are making the difference!" 

Questions? Rhys Ivan, Director of Youth Engagement,
513-793-2556 or

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