New Library items for the Passover Seder


The StandWithUs Passover Haggadah   262.5 St

     Contains traditional text, some English transliteration of songs, pertinent quotes by figures such as Martin Luther King, Jr and Mark Twain on Jews, many U.S. Presidents from John Adams to the present, many Israeli and Zionist figures from Herzl to Sharansky to contemporary political figures, quotes by Arab friends of Israel, by musicians and entertainment figures, a reading on shared experiences of African Americans and Jews, Passover legends, the struggle for freedom for modern-day Israel, and more. Lavishly illustrated in color.


Signs and Wonders: 100 Haggada Masterpieces, by Adam S. Cohen  262.5 Co 

   Exploration of important, celebrated decorated and illuminated Haggadahs from medieval to contemporary, from Europe, Israel, America and places farther afield, since the first such work around the year 1300--the famous "Birds' Head Haggadah"-- to Maxwell House and into the 21st century.


The (unofficial) Hogwarts Haggadah, by Moshe Rosenberg  262.5 Ro

   Harry Potter and Passover share a lot, from the concepts of slavery and freedom, to the focus on education, to the number four. This Haggadah combines traditional text with lessons on themes also found Harry Potter and also is interspersed with the "voices" of real elementary school students.


Songs for a Family Seder  243.2 Fr CD

   Thirty songs for the Passover seder, on Compact disc.


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