Memoirs, Biographies


A River Could Be a Tree, by Angela Himsel  250.07 Hi

   How does an evangelical Christian woman from Indiana, who grew up in an apocalyptic denomination,  end up living as an Orthodox Jew in Manhattan?.


Elie Wiesel: An Extraordinary Life and Legacy  92 Wi

    A book of 36 reflections and memories of Wiesel by friends, colleagues, and others who knew him, including his son Elisha, Michael Berenbaum, Wolf Blitzer, Ben Kingsley, Ronald Lauder, Bernard Henri-Levi, Kati Marton, Itzhak Perlman, Natan Sharansky, Ruth Wisse, and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. Also has a discussion guide for Wiesel's book, Night.


Why Religion? A Personal Story, by Elaine Pagels  200 Pa

   A scholar of religion has written a memoir dealing with staggering personal loss,  coping, and spiritual questions.


A Prince in the Queen City: the Life of Henry Mack, by Michael Rich.  977.11 Ri

   The story of  Henry Mack, a Jewish immigrant to Cincinnati from Bavaria, who became a leading member of the new Congregation K.K. Bene Yeshurun in Cincinnati, a lay leader of the Reform movement in Judaism in America, a prominent force in Cincinnati and Ohio politics, and more.



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