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The Evolution of Reform Jewish Lifecycles from the time of Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise through Today
with Rabbi Thomashow
April 16 and 30

How did our historic leader approach the life cycles of the Bris, B’nai Mitzvah, Weddings, and the Funeral? What has and what has not changed in 150 years? This course will also contextualize how what Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise did aligned with and departed from customary Jewish practice.

Commemorating the 200th Birthday of Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise this year: His Legacy in our Own Time 
with Rabbi Kamrass
May 7, 14, 21, and 28

As we mark the 200th birthday of Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise, Rabbi Kamrass will lead us in an exploration of the enduring legacy of the founder of Reform Judaism in America including:
• Little known Facts about the Life, the Thought, and the Issues to which Rabbi Isaac M. Wise brought his significant leadership- Political and Social Activism, Egalitarianism, Interfaith Work, Asserting Jewish rights in the midst of a Christian Religious Revival.
• Impact of Wise’s Thought on our Worship, Ritual and the Prayer Book. 
• Beyond Reform: Rabbi Isaac M. Wise’s Impact on the Jewish World. 


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