Living Room Learning

One room in your home.
One rabbi.
One dozen guests.
One topic.
One great approach to Jewish learning.

Living Room Learning is a great opportunity to bring Jewish learning into the comfort of your home. It’s casual. It’s easy. It’s fun. It brings friends, new and old, together in a way that creates meaningful connections.

Host Living Room Learning in your home (or other setting of your choice).

  • Pick a topic from our list or offer a topic of your own.
  • Contact Alex Burte, Membership/Program Manager, 513-793-2556 or to discuss scheduling.
  • Invite one dozen guests (friends or acquaintances you’d like to get to know better). Don’t know a dozen people? We can help by providing you with names of others interested in your topic, others in your area, or others of a similar demographic.
  • Enjoy one afternoon or evening of learning, exploration, and community - all led by your rabbi in your space.



Questions? Alex Burte, Membership/Program Manager, 513-793-2556 or