Adult Education (Eitz Chayim)

Study Torah – a commandment we approach both seriously and joyously.

Lifelong Jewish learning is the best way of applying the Jewish values in our lives. Learning is about the knowledge we gain and how it guides our actions. Study enables us to think and to act in larger and deeper ways.

Learners of every stage

Both first timers and experienced learners find classes accessible, inviting, and meaningful.

Learners of every age

From young adults to senior adults, topics are relevant to your daily lives.

Learners of every background

Those born Jewish, Jews-by-choice, and non-Jewish spouses/partners all find enlightening and stimulating discussion.

Many topics for varied interests.
Many times for busy schedules.
Many ways to challenge, inspire, and engage your thinking.

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"It is a Tree of Life (Eitz Chayim) to those who hold it fast, and all who cling to it find happiness. Its ways are ways of pleasantness, and all its paths are peace."
 Proverbs 3:17-18


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