Be the Hope

From the earliest mitzvah of welcoming the stranger and treating them as the native in our midst, Wise Temple commits to resettling a refugee family soon to arrive to the United States and to Cincinnati.

In a new land, with no relatives, and with only hope and determination to start life anew from a land perhaps ravaged with war, violence, uncertainty, and a period of uncertainty in fleeing their homeland, we will help a family resettle, integrate into American culture, and find a new home in our land. More about the refugee response from the Religious Action Center:

How You Can Help:

Write Our Elected Officials
Write our national leadership to encourage our government to raise the number of refugees that will be admitted and resettled in our nation. The links below will provide you with the ways in which you can easily contact our national leaders and congressional representatives, and a sample letter of thoughts to help you shape your own.

‚ÄčSample Letter of Advocacy from HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society)
List of Elected Officials Contacts Information

Volunteer to Help Resettle Our Adopted Refugee Family
Volunteer your time to help resettle our “adopted” refugee family that will arrive in Cincinnati in the weeks or months to come.  The members of our refugee family may know minimal English, so we hope to send two volunteers for every activity to help one another to provide the warmth that will transcend language issues in those initial days.  While the family’s needs will be identified and efforts coordinated initially by professionals in the refugee resettlement organization, nonetheless, numerous one-time and ongoing Volunteer possibilities include:

  • Help with locating, transporting or  setting up furnishing for our refugee family or other refugee families
  • Collect and provide welcome baskets for newly arriving refugee families that include bedding, pots and pans, etc that will greet them as they first enter their apartment
  • Help our family settle into a new apartment
  • Teach our family how to navigate stores, grocery shopping, and accessing ethnic food stores that will have items familiar to them.   This will include teaching them how to understand prices and managing their money and benefits.
  • Assist our family in learning to utilize the bus to access their needed areas of life, including a job, shopping, school, community events, etc.
  • Assist our family in learning to shop for clothes in second-hand clothing and other accessible stores.
  • Take our refugee family with you or your family to accessible free events in the city to learn how to enjoy and navigate local activities and sample our culture.
  • Help provide transportation and guidance to medical appointments and obtaining government ID’s and other benefits available to them.
  • Assist the child(ren) with school enrollment and helping the child(ren) and parents learn to navigate the new school
  • Help strengthen their English skills beyond their English classes available to them

If interested, please fill out your contact information in the form below. Once we hear from people in the next week's time, we will contact you directly by email to let you know when our first orientation session will be held with the refugee resettlement agency and further detailed explanations of the kind of volunteer opportunities available to us. At this stage, we do not know the exact time frame when the first refugee family will be assigned to us.

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Count me in to help with resettlement of our adopted refugee family(ies) at Wise Temple.

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