Announcing Wise Temple’s New Portal

Serving you better, bringing people together, and strengthening our community.

Register now to find all this great content at your fingertips:

  • Learn who your child’s religious school teacher is
  • Easily update your contact information
  • Access the member directory
    • Here’s what Wise Temple congregants (and only congregants) will see about those living in your household: 
      • Address, home phone, and adult email addresses
      • Your school age child(ren)’s name(s), grade, and secular school 
  • Check Yarhzeit observances
  • Enter your Gifts, Passions, and Skills (GPS)***
  • Gain private access to your confidential Temple financial information 
  • Easily make payments online (small convenience fee)
  • Easily make donations online – in honor of or in memory of others (no convenience fee)

In addition, by completing the GPS section, you’ll find meaningful ways to be involved. 

*** What’s Your GPS?

Consider where you are and where you’re headed within your Wise Temple community.

  • Think about your Gifts… what can you bring to this space, to this community?
  • Think about your Passions… what ideas mean the most to you?
  • Think about your Skills…. what abilities, strengths, and experiences can you contribute to the work of your congregation?

3 reasons why you should enter your Gifts Passions Skills:

  • We care about each other. We support one another. We contribute to the sacred work of our congregation. And each of us plays an important role in this community. 
  • When you share your talents with others in the congregation, you’ll get to know people on a deeper level. Next thing you know, you’ve got a new friend, or two, or three.
  • You get the satisfaction of using your skills in a meaningful way. It seems we’re all looking for meaning in our lives. Find yours here. Don’t let these examples limit your imagination:
    • Like taking photos? Help capture the Temple’s special moments;
    • Love managing details? Organize a meal train for a congregant in need;
    • Have a flair for planning parties? Help create special experiences for fellow congregants;
    • Never met a stranger and/or social media savvy? Help spread the word about events.

Share your GPS with us and we’ll match your talents, experience, and interests with opportunities in the Wise Temple community.

With your GPS, Everyone Benefits:
Sometimes you may be the recipient of someone else’s gifts and skills, and sometimes they may be the recipient of yours. Frankly, we need each other.

Not Tech Savvy? We can help.
If technology is daunting, simply call the office and we’ll gather your information over the phone. Call the Temple Office 513.793.2556

Call the Temple office at
513.793.2556 or email
Jenny Schaffzin