Fund Descriptions


Brotherhood - Orla Mielziner youth scholarships
  • Camp scholarships
Brotherhood - Oscar Lerner fund for college students
  • Tuition assistance for college courses with Jewish context

Building - Plum Street Historical Preservation Fund
  • Preservation and maintenance of Plum Street Temple
Building - Wise Center
  • Capital projects at Wise Center

Discretionary Fund - Rabbi Danziger
  • Special projects and initiatives at discretion of Rabbis
Discretionary Fund - Rabbi Kamrass
  • Special projects and initiatives at discretion of Rabbis
Discretionary Fund - Rabbi Thomashow
  • Special projects and initiatives at discretion of Rabbis

Edward Kanter Fund
  • Seed money for innovative programs, projects, or endeavors
General - Operating Expenses
  • Congregational expenses
Holocaust Remembrance - Drs. Stephen & Lusia Hornstein
  • Annual Holocaust remembrance education program
Leadership Development - Gene & Neddie Mae Elkus
  • Leadership programs for Temple leaders and future leaders

Library - Bess Shavzin
  • Purchase of library books
Library - Judith S. Carsch
  • Library projects and purchases
Library - Julian Vigran
  • Educational enrichment and digital materials
Library - Susie York Wittenberg
  • Resources for Jewish family home study

Lifelong Learning – Aufsprung
  • Adult Education
Barbara Glas Critical Topics
  • Critical topics programs
Chaiken Family
  • Funds for attendance at national and regional URJ Biennials
  • Purchase and printing of prayerbooks
Scholarship - Fine/Marshall/Allen Youth
  • Youth scholarship, programs and travel funds
Scholarship - Ruth Strull Youkilis youth & Social Justice
  • High schoolers’ participation in social justice opportunities

Sisterhood - GIVTY (Temple Youth)
  • Support for Temple youth programming
Sisterhood - Natalie Feld Floral Fund
  • Bimah flowers
Sisterhood YES (Youth, Education, Special Projects)
  • Funding for special youth education projects

Social Action - Interfaith Hospitality Network & Soup Kitchen
  • Hosting of homeless families and soup kitchen
Social Action - Kamrass Social Action
  • Social justice projects and initiatives
Youth - Nancy Goodman Memorial
  • Teen growth and identity programs
Youth - Wise Center Playground
  • New Wise Center playground