Giving. A chance to impact another life, be a leader, leave a legacy, honor or memorialize a loved one, or simply find fulfillment in your own life.

When you support Wise Temple, you are engaged in sacred, creative, inspiring, and challenging efforts that will:

  • enrich your life,
  • deepen the Jewish lives of children and adults,
  • create a sense of community for each of us,
  • support the poor in our community,
  • provide leadership nationally and in Israel,
  • educate and shape the future.

Wise Temple rests on a solid foundation of worship, study, social justice, and community. Our ancestors laid the cornerstone and many generations have built upon it. Our children and grandchildren will inherit it as a priceless legacy.

It is the challenge of our generation to preserve and strengthen what past generations have built. Find your best ways to give.



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Tzedakah: the root of this word conveys not only charity, but also righteousness, fairness, and justice.

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Administrative Assistant