Youth Engagement

Belonging. Connection. Friendships.

Classroom time is critical to experiencing community, enhancing learning, and deepening Jewish identity. But classroom experiences are not enough. 

At Wise Temple there are opportunities at every age for kids to grow, to develop friendships, and to feel connected. With active participation comes a real sense of belonging. 

WOOTY (Wise Organization of Temple Youth - High School Youth Group)

It's community. It's leadership. It's friendship. It's belonging. 

  • Yes, we go tubing, have lock-ins, go to hockey games, build campfires, host carnivals, do social action, and have parties. But it’s not the cool stuff we do; it’s how we do it and who we do it with. 
  • No high school drama here. Just a bunch of teens who like hanging out together. WOOTY is a place to be understood, be supported, and feel connected.

J.WOOT 678

Relevant, meaningful, challenging, and fun Jewish experiences for grades 6, 7 and 8. 

Three branches:

  • Torah: 6th Grade Class/Bar & Bat Mitzvah/7th & 8th Grade Class
  • Avodah: Acts of Social Justice - Tikkun Olam etc.
  • Gimilut Chasadim: Building Relationships and Community


  • For our 6th, 7th, 8th graders to develop deep friendships with each other
  • For our parents to feel empowered to nurture the program
  • For our 6th-8th graders to see role models in WOOTY 
  • For the experience to balance Torah, Avodah, and Gimilut Chasadim
  • For J.WOOT 678 to be a cohort of people that expands outward
  • For J.WOOT participants to experience NFTY



Questions? Rhys Ivan, Director of Youth Engagement,
513-793-2556 or

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