Life Cycle Events

In this community we share our lives with one another.
In this community we celebrate the joys of life together.
In this community we support one another during loss and hardship.
Share. Celebrate. Support.

Baby Namings

  • Our rabbis look forward to welcoming a new life and our youngest Temple members into the community. Contact them to help:
    • Choose Hebrew names
    • Plan a ​Brit Milah (or Bris) on the 8th day. This may include recommending a mohel (who is certified to perform circumcisions), participating in the ceremony, and answering any questions or concerns about the ceremony.
    • Officiate a Baby Naming ceremony

Birthdays and Anniversaries

  • Judaism sanctifies time, teaching us to express thanks for the gifts of life and love.
  • Our rabbis mark those gifts by offering special blessings each month to members who are celebrating birthdays or wedding anniversaries. 
  • In advance of the occasion, those celebrating will receive a letter inviting them to be called to the bimah on a certain date.

B'nai Mitzvah

  • At Wise Temple, the Bar or Bat Mitzvah process is a voluntary commitment, but a significant one for both students and their families. It's a covenant that includes the student, parent, and congregation. All of us contribute to this special journey.
  • The ceremony symbolizes a young teen's religious commitment to Jewish life, and a desire to strengthen their ties to the Temple community.
  • B'nai Mitzvah affirms a student's Jewish knowledge and maturity. Therefore, the commitment extends beyond the ability to read a Torah portion. 
  • To have a Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony at Wise Temple, a student must complete certain educational and religious requirements which fully prepare the student for the meaning and beauty of this ceremony. 
    • Attendance at Sunday morning Religious School and three consecutive years of Hebrew school at Wise Temple or its equivalent.
    • Completion of 14 mitzvot.
    • Attendance at three or more worship services.
    • Attendance at two family workshops.
    • Absolute commitment to continued religious education at Wise Temple at least through 10th grade, but hopefully through graduation.


  • Our rabbis enjoy officiating wedding ceremonies for members, their children, or couples wishing to join the Temple.
  • Couples meet with the rabbi prior to the ceremony to discuss the ceremony itself and the couple's future life together.
  • Weddings can be scheduled at Wise Center, Plum Street Temple, or other appropriate local venues on days other than Shabbat, High Holy Days, or major festivals. Couples must be members of Wise Temple for at least one year in order to have a wedding at Plum Street Temple.

Pastoral Care for the Ill

  • Our rabbis visit area hospitals several times each week in order to provide comfort and offer prayers for Wise Temple members who are hospitalized.
  • Because of medical privacy laws, hospitals do not inform our rabbis when a member is a patient there. We encourage family members, friends, or even patients themselves, to inform our rabbis of hospitalization, so our rabbis may visit that person. 

End of Life

  • Temple families receive support that recognizes the sanctity and dignity of human life in all its stages. 
  • For those that are ill, our rabbis visit and offer warmth and support in the face of difficult life challenges.
  • For those nearing death and for their loved ones, our rabbis provide comfort and spiritual guidance for difficult end-of-life decisions.
  • Our rabbis are honored to officiate at funerals, memorial services, and unveiling ceremonies (when a monument/marker is established.)
  • We read aloud the names of all yahrzeits (anniversary of the death) of our members' loved ones each year. Please provided information to the Temple, so we help you honor a loved one's memory through this meaningful tradition.

Memorial Wall Plaques

  • Memorial Walls provide a special place to honor those who have touched our lives.
  • Memorializing the names of loved ones expresses gratitude for the gift of their precious lives and hope that their spirits continue to inspire us.

    Members can add a plaque with the name of a loved one to the beautiful Memorial Walls at Plum Street Temple and/or Wise Center.

    In Jewish tradition, we mark the memories of loved ones by kindling a flame next to each plaque when the Kaddish prayer is recited at worship services, at Yizkor services on holidays, and on the yahrzeit (annual anniversary of their death.)

  • Order a plaque
  • Questions? Heather Spegal at 513-793-2556 or

For questions or to notify the rabbis of a life cycle event, call the Rabbis' Office at 513-793-2559 or