Limmud Shabbat: Prayer and Learning

Friday, May 8, 2020
6:15 PM

Biblical Ideas about Generational Poverty and Contemporary Jewish Values  

This Shabbat examine the enduring Jewish concern for poverty that is repeated in successive family generations. From the early Biblical period, how did our Scriptures and Sages offer warning about enduring poverty in a society, and how can those values help us explore the issues being debated in society today (from income inequality, minimum wage, government poverty programs and even social security)? Our Jewish teachings inform all of these issues and root us to even more ancient values than the rhetoric of political debate and dissension.


Limmud (Learning) Shabbat services focus half of our time on studying together. With Rabbi Kamrass, we explore a topic or theme that enhances Shabbat through learning, enrichment, and timeless Jewish values. If Shabbat is the ideal time for learning (limmud), our Limmud Shabbat service provides the ideal combination of community, prayer and study to deepen the Shabbat celebration.



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