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Plum Street Temple Hosts Unique Concerts

In partnership with the Rockwern Foundation and the University of Cincinnati College – Conservatory of Music (CCM), Wise Temple brings two accomplished organists to Plum Street Temple to demonstrate the beauty and power of this rare musical instrument.

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Uncommon Styles of Jewish Music Come to Wise Temple

For its 2017 musician-in-residence program, taking place the weekend of February 24, Wise Temple welcomes Elana Jagoda and Saul Kaye, a San Francisco-based couple each pioneering a new style of Jewish music: Jagoda, folk, and Kaye, blues. The same weekend, in a separate event, Plum Street Temple places a world-renowned organist at the keys of its historic, 19th-century Rockwern organ for a special occasion that’s open to the general public.

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Mazel Tov, Wise Temple!

On February 26, 1842, a small group of German-Jewish immigrants here in Cincinnati officially became a congregation. Eleven years later, they elected a man as their spiritual leader who would not only set their future course, but also that of Reform Judaism as the world now knows it: Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise.

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