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Connecting During Coronavirus

Connection with one another is critically important now, more than ever.   During these unprecedented times, use the Community Café to share your story and read the stories of othe [...]

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History is in the Background

With the theme of this issue of Kesher being about our new Civic Engagement program, a photo shoot featuring five congregants, gathered as if they are at a rally, made perfect sense. Behind them are Wise Center’s American and Israeli flags.

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Eliana Goldner and Abby Rosenberg

The Faces of the Future. Eliana Goldner is not waiting to make the world a better place. Sophomore Eliana Goldner plays soccer, both elite and on Turpin’s JV team. She’s also in Student Council, Key Club, and Innovation Club. And she’s WOOTY’s Vice President of Programming, so she’s all in on participating and being involved.

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