We're Celebrating
Isaac Mayer Wise's 200th Birthday!

Join us for over a dozen learning opportunities and events in honor of the birthday of our founder, Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise, born on March 29, 1819.
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“During his lifetime Wise was regarded as the most prominent Reform Jew of his time in the United States. His genius for organization was of a very high order; and he was masterful, rich in resources, and possessed of an inflexible will. More than of any of his contemporaries, it may be said of him that he left the imprint of his personality upon the development of Reform Judaism in the United States.” - Jewish Encyclopedia



Tuesdays with Torah
Commemorating the 200th Birthday of Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise this year:
His Legacy in our Own Time

Tuesdays, May 7, 14, 21, 28
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
with Rabbi Lewis Kamrass

As we mark the 200th birthday of Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise, Rabbi Kamrass will lead us in an exploration of the enduring legacy of the founder of Reform Judaism in America including:   
• Little known Facts about the Life, the Thought, and the Issues to which Rabbi Isaac M. Wise brought his significant leadership- Political and Social Activism, Egalitarianism, Interfaith Work, Asserting Jewish rights in the midst of a Christian Religious Revival.
• Impact of Wise’s Thought on our Worship, Ritual and the Prayer Book
• Beyond Reform: Rabbi Isaac M. Wise’s Impact on the Jewish World

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Shavuot Sensation

Saturday, June 8
7:30 PM
(includes a dessert buffet)

Study Topic: What part of our rabbinate is inspired by Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise?

Speakers: Rabbis Danziger, Kamrass, and Thomashow

In this final event of the 200th birthday season of Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise, our rabbis will each teach about, and reflect upon, an aspect of Rabbi Wise’s legacy that inspires them in their work and informs 21st Century Reform Judaism in Cincinnati and America today.